Circles for Communities for local businesses

The Circles for Communities website gives unique opportunities for local businesses that share a common or overlapping client base to work together for both their and their client's benefit.

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We are currently only open for a small number of selected businesses but will soon open up for everyone.

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How it works

Community Circles gives local businesses a superior platform to advertise themselves and attract new customers. It is focused on encouraging businesses to work together with others within the same sectors in order to provide advantages and benefits both to themselves and to their customers. This theme of benefits for both the businesses involved and their customers is important as this will drive new customers to the site from where they will be able to find you. As a member, your business will be presented in searches made by visitors to the website.  

The power is in the Circle

Whilst businesses can create their profile on Community Circles to showcase their products and service, the real power of Community Circles comes from the creation and membership of business circles. Circle members share a common client base and complement each other’s products and services. You will get exposure to all customer members of your circles – all of whom are likely to be interested in the same products and services, therefore encouraging demand and enquiries. When one business within the circle encourages a customer to sign-up and take advantage the circle, all the businesses in that circle will benefit.  

This collaboration of business has the potential to reach a much larger market than you would on your own as there will be positive SEO benefits. A voucher based scheme redeemable with other members could also be of mutual benefit to all business members as it will encourage circle visitors (who are already known to be interested in products and services within your sector) to explore other members of the circle. You will be able to download flyers / posters for your premises encouraging people to “shop local” and within your circle.Meanwhile, the other members of your circle will be doing exactly the same for you. 

By becoming a business member you will also be invited to contribute to the monthly newsletter sent to consenting circle members. Each newsletter will include a section on some of the businesses in the circle with a short description and logo. Everyone will be given equal exposure over time. Additionally there will be a Focus On section giving each business member a turn to promote their own services. 

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