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Joining a circle as a customer not only strengthens the relationship you have with businesses you already know and love, but also introduces you to the businesses that they would recommend if you were to ask them "could you recommend someone who..."

You can see the ratings and reviews that customers like you have left each business (as well as leave your own of course!) Genuine reviews help you make the choice that is right for your needs and we ask that you also leave a review about any business of service that you yourself have used. We allow businesses to respond to reviews so you can get a feel for how each business deals with their customers - especially important if the inevitable occasional problem comes up.

When you join a circle you will get exclusive access to special offers from the circle’s businesses.

As the businesses in a circles are all working in a similar business sector you can be sure that many of them will offer products and services that are relevant to you. It's a bit like having your own personalised directory of top-quality, recommended businesses who offer exactly the kinds of things you need. Even if you don't need them right now, by joining the circle you know exactly where to find them if and when you do.

Find quality local businesses

And see the other similar businesses that they trust to work closely with

Special Offers

Sign up to a circle and benefit from the special offers available to all members of that group...

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Online safety

We do not share your personal details with any of the businesses on the website – the only exception to this is when you use the ‘Request callback’ or ‘Send message’ features to contact a business - in which case we will provide them with the info you supply so they can get in contact with you.

When you register on the site and join a circle you get all the benefits from the circle without having your details provided to the businesses. This is almost the opposite of being harvested – you get access to many great businesses and their special offers without exposing your personal details to them. Emails to you are carefully controlled by the site and you have control over this all the time.

Reasons to shop local

  • Our small independent businesses are what give communities their character.
  • Using local businesses and services often save you money – especially by the time you have added fuel and parking costs.
  • By providing local jobs and training.
  • Buying locally keeps money in the community
  • Local businesses have a personal interest in the community supporting events, schools, good causes.
  • Our local shops and services provide opportunities to catch up with friends, family and others within the local community.

Start rediscovering your local community today and make a difference where it really counts. Not only will you be finding the best shops and services in your area but you will be making a difference every time you spend or use a local business.

Whether you are a consumer or a business person, you can take action today. As you plan your next purchase, ask yourself “can you find what you are looking for at a locally owned business

Start rediscovering your LOCAL COMMUNITY today and make a difference where it really counts.