Natures Way

Halesworth , Suffolk

2 Waterworks Cottages Mells Road Halesworth Suffolk IP190PL
01986 458100
https//Natures Way Raw Pet Food
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We are a small family business which has developed through our love of our dogs and the difference we saw in our dogs after starting raw feeding several years ago. We first looked into raw feeding when we lost a spaniel at 5 years old through a kidney condition and then a Labrador at 9 to an aggressive cancer. We started to research dog food in general and were horrified at what we discovered about how some foods are made and what goes into them This made up our mind to try a natural raw diet. After three months of raw feeding the difference in our dogs was amazing. They were a lot happier, more contented, their coats were changing and everything was going in the right direction. We knew then we had made the right decision and have never looked back.


  • Raw Natural Pet Food
  • Improved digestion
  • Supplements
  • Treats / Bones
  • Cat and Dog food
  • Reduction in allergy symptoms
  • Better weight Control
  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • More energy and stamina

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