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The best platform for bringing businesses and customers together

In these uncertain times we all need to find better ways to work - whether we are businesses who want to find new customers, or are customers trying to find the best local businesses. Circles for Communities is a unique platform that helps local businesses and customers connect in a new and powerful way.

For customers it provides a directory of businesses that provide products and services they want and that have been recommended by businesses they have already worked with and know they can trust. They have access to special offers and benefit from the ways these businesses work together.

I am lucky enough to be a client at a fantastic vets and I always ask them for recommendations when I need other pet related services. Now they are involved in Pet Hub [a circles for communities circle] I always know where to look to find the best local pet related businesses. I can be confident that they are working with [my vets] and I will get a similar level of excellent customer service. There are also special offers from time to time which are always helpful! [This circle] means that I am always confident that I am getting the best products or services for my pets.

For businesses it introduces them to new customers who have proven to need products and services similar to those they provide as well as links them with other businesses serving those same customers.

We are a small electrical contractors who have a very loyal customer base who are happy to recommend us to their friends and who often ask us if we can recommend plumbers, builders and other tradesmen who will give them a similar level of service. Now we are a member of our 'home maintenance and improvements' circle we have an easy way to do this. Each time we introduce a customer its good for them as it gives them a place to find the best people they need, but its also good for every other business in the circle as it advertises them to local people who are looking for tradesmen and have been pleased with our work. It's a win win for everyone.

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Start rediscovering your local community today and make a difference where it really counts. Not only will you be finding the best shops and services in your area but you will be making a difference every time you spend or use a local business

Whether you are a consumer or a business person, you can take action today. As you plan your next purchase, ask yourself “can you find what you are looking for at a locally owned business”

Start rediscovering your LOCAL COMMUNITY and make a difference where it really counts.